Tauhid Bondia’s ‘Crabgrass’ – a trip back to the ’80s

Cartoonist Tauhid Bondia

One of my favorite online comic strips is coming to newspapers soon. “Crabgrass” by Tauhid Bondia, starts syndication in daily newspapers in June. And while it’s on hiatus until then, you can catch up by following the previous strips at Tauhid’s patreon page here: patreon.com/7auhid or at GoComics.com

Crabgrass follows the adventures of two best friends, Miles and Kevin, in the 1980s. There are no cell phones or electronics (well, maybe the beginning of video games), so it’s all about the boys’ imaginations and outdoor play. I had a chance to ask Tauhid my ten, “10 With Tom” questions:

TOM: Tell me about Kevin and Miles. Are they both a compilation of you at that age?

TAUHID: Kind of. They were initially based off of myself and my best friend growing up. But it didn’t take long for them to develop their own unique personalities. That said, the spirit of the strip is still grounded very much in my own childhood.

TOM: You grew up in Kentucky, is this where they live?

TAUHID: Yes it is. The street they live on is based on Greenway Drive the street I grew up in. It’s rarely a material element of the street but it’s an interesting bit of trivia.

Crabgrass courtesy GoComics.com

TOM: The stories area always elaborate, how far ahead do you work?

TAUHID: I usually keep a couple of months of strips in the bank, but I write my stories with woefully little planning. I’m working on that though.

TOM: Tell us about your studio or workspace. Do you work digitally or with pen and paper?

TAUHID: I do everything digitally. I don’t think there is a pen or pencil anywhere in my studio. I currently work on a Cintiq Pro hooked to an iMac. But I also have an iPad Pro for when I want to be less tethered.

Crabgrass courtesy GoComics.com

TOM: When did the first big break come that made you feel you were really a professional?

TAUHID: That would have to be when Crabgrass was selected for development by Andrews McMeel. I’d been making comics for years already but my idea of a pro was always based on the syndicated model. So it really felt like I’d become official.

TOM: I suppose the newspapers will bring you many new readers, but now, here do you get the most readers – Instagram, Facebook, etc.?

TAUHID: Instagram by far. That’s kind of my home base. I’ve got a healthy following on Gocomics.com which is steadily growing but instagram is where almost all of my Patreon supporters come from and the majority of my daily likes and shares. I owe those readers a lot.

TOM: What was the first thing you would seriously draw? I mean, I would draw Fred Flintstone, I always remember as a young child doing that. Did you draw a character or have a favorite subject at a young age?

TAUHID: My earliest memory was of copying a picture of Spiderman from my bed sheets when I was 4 or 5. I remember really concentrating and seeing if I could copy it exactly. I apparently got it close enough to impress my mother which I honestly believe sent me down the path I’m on.

TOM: What song would be the theme of your life?

TAUHID: Lately I’ve really learned the value of supporting and believing in yourself the same way you do those you love. So Im going to say “The Man” by Aloe Blacc.

TOM: What famous artist, dead or alive, would you want to paint your portrait?

TAUHID: I’ve always been a fan of Joe Madureira. I’d give a lot to see him draw me.

TOM: Who is your favorite super hero?

TAUHID: Gotta be Spiderman all day. I read a book where its revealed that he’s always holding back. That pound for pound he’s actually one of the physically strongest heroes but he never lets loose because he could hurt someone. Even when fighting the bad guys. I love that.

Thanks, Tauhid! Some social media sites where you can also follow Tauhid and Crabgrass are here:
Instagram: instagram.com/crabgrasscomic
Twitter: twitter.com/Crabgrass_Comic
Facebook: facebook.com/crabgrassthecomic


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