10 random things you didn’t know about Real Housewife Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak-Biermann rose to fame in 2008 as one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, besties with Nene Leakes at the time; currently, she stars in her own show based on her family, called, Don’t be Tardy, which is based on her hit single “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party” (warning if you listen, it will be an earworm all day). I had the chance to ask Kim my 10 With Tom questions:

TOM: Tell me about Kashmere. Did you decide on a lemony clean scent or the stripper scent? And why? (Kim Joke’s about the scents for her new perfume in a scene from Don’t Be Tardy).
KIM: Kashmere is more of a beachy scent, not floral. I get headaches from a lot of scents, so I wanted Kashmere to be something that was more of a cool beach vibe than floral. My family’s opinion was important to me, so this scent was something my husband, kids, and business partner all agreed on. I want Kashmere to have that effect on people where you smell it, and it reminds you of someone and automatically you know who that person is.

TOM: Are you ready for free agency, when it comes to Kroy? (Troy Biermann is Kim’s husband, a professional football player signed by the Buffalo Bills). Will you be moving to Buffalo?
KIM: I’ve never truly experienced having my hubby home more than usual. But my kids are all in school in Atlanta and I am committed to their schooling until then.

NOTE: Troy was dropped from the Bills at the end of August, just two weeks after signing.

TOM: I know you’re never tardy for the party, but what was the last thing you were late for?
KIM: I was two minutes late dropping off my kids at school. God bless ATL traffic.

TOM: What famous artist, dead or alive, would you want to paint your portrait?
KIM: Andy Warhol. I love his work. He was such an innovator.

TOM: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
KIM: Garth Brooks. I’m OBSESSED. When I met him, I said to myself, “Is this real?” Total fan girl moment.

TOM: Last thing you ordered at Starbucks…
KIM: I order the same thing everyday, twice a day. A venti hot caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle and whipped cream. YUP.

TOM: What song would you sing for your American Idol audition?
KIM: DUH Don’t Be Tardy 😉

TOM: Oh yeah, I wasn’t thinking there.

TOM: Word of the moment? Other than the F-word, which seems to be your favorite.
KIM: GTFOH – Get The F**K Outta Here. My common statement on social media.

TOM: Although you have Chef Tracey, what was the last meal you cooked?
KIM: Stuffed shells. I love to cook anything Italian.

TOM: What would be your Housewife tagline today at this moment?
KIM: Either you step forward into growth, or step backward into safety.

Thanks, Kim. Good sport!


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